Worldwide Support for Farm Productivity

SWEP soil testing services are utilised by farmers involved with Sustainable agriculture in more than 26 countries Worldwide. We maintain registered quarantine facilities on-site in order to receive samples from anywhere in the world. We ensure a rapid turnaround time of results and recommendations in 5-working days from receipt of sample.

To post soil samples from within Australia please download our soil submission form and follow instructions (please also see points to remember below).

To post soil samples from outside of Australia please follow these instructions:

  1. Download and print International soil submission form
  2. Download International Price list and choose the tests you require
  3. Follow all instructions on this submission form including how to correctly take a soil sample (see points to remember below)
  4. Package your sample/s securely and print up Quarantine Address label  and attach to outside of package
  5. Include payment in Australian Dollars. We accept payment via Credit card or online
  6. Ensure you post via Express Mail Service (EMS) - noting the Customs number
  7. Please email us this customs number and let us know when you posted the sample - Thankyou!

Points to remember when taking samples:

  • You are looking for a representative average of a particular area, this means the area should be uniform in terms of soil colour and texture, landuse and fertiliser management.
  • You need to take several cores 'plugs' from around the area to the same depth. For example, take from the top down to 15cm for landuse - wheat.
  • Ensure you use a stainless steel sampler or poly pipe (do not use a shovel unless it is stainless steel). Mix the cores thoroughly and put 300 grams into a zip-lock plastic bag.
  • Fill out the submission form and include with your sample (as a minimum we require Name of sample, Depth of sample and Landuse).
  • Package securely along with submission form.
  • Ensure you use Express Mail Service (EMS). If you need to use another courier service such as DHL or TNT please make sure you pay all the charges (courier and quarantine charges). If they pass extra charges onto us we will have to pass it on to you to pay.

If have any queries please email us or phone us on + 61 3 9701 6007 during 9am to 5pm Eastern standard times