The Mikhail System Book (Second Edition)  

Understanding & Achieving Optimum Soil Balance, by Ted Mikhail

The Mikhail System is a proven model for achieving an ideal soil which provides an ideal growing environment in which to produce healthy thriving plants that, in turn, contribute to healthy thriving animals and people.

In short, The Mikhail System involves assessing and restoring the three critical elements of soil - Structure, Nutrients and Microbiology. The Mikhail System Book, written and designed for easy understanding and referencing, provides the serious or professional grower with all they need to know and understand to correctly assess the current state of their soil, and the steps they will need to take to bring each of the three elements into balance.

Depending on the state of soil to begin with, the climate, and the amount of resources available to invest in the process, the Mikhail System may require a number of years to achieve optimum soil balance. Nevertheless, every step in that direction provides benefits to the grower until eventually the application of chemical fertilisers can be reduced to a maintenance only level while still allowing plants to provide their best.

Additional features of the book include:

  • Tables listing the ideal levels of the 16 essential nutrients of 63 different crops from apples to white clover;
  • Signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in plants, (with colour photos), animals and people; and
  • Conversion factors every farmer could need - all in one place.

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