The Mikhail System improves production 

Through soil physics: soil balanced using The Mikhail System has better structure; it is more porous and permits improved soil water holding capacity and better access by plant roots. 

Through soil chemistry: The Mikhail System allows soil to have a full range of nutrients in a consistently available supply. This promotes the growth of a healthy balanced crop, without the use of excess fertilisers and so benefits the environment.   

Through soil biology: Plants do not depend entirely on their roots to obtain nutrients; they also have partnerships with microorganisms in the soil. These associations are vital to overall balance and productivity. The Mikhail System ensures the soil has a high level of balanced microbial activity, that play an important role in balancing soil nutrients, as well as helping to improve soil structure. When all three components are balanced using The Mikhail System, a substantial improvement in vigor and productivity of both plants and livestock can be seen, without compromising the soil. 

The Mikhail System works because recommendations are based on accurate results, not an opinion, product, or trend. Opinions on farming practices are only as good as the common sense behind them. The Mikhail System is common sense backed by objectivity and science. Learn more about The Mikhail System.