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SWEP is proud to be supporting the (ACO) Australian Organic Schools "Adopt A Farmer" Program.


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SWEP is one of Australia's leading, fully independent, certified laboratories, offering a wide range of analytical services. We cater for the large agricultural producer down to the backyard gardener, by providing all the information you need in order to increase both profitability and sustainability.

Based on more than 45 years of intensive research by expert soil scientist and SWEP founder, Ted Mikhail, we ensure our clients about their soil management by providing reports that are easy to read and recommendations that are easy to understand. 

Importantly, SWEP is 100% independent meaning that you receive independant recommendations: all in the fastest turnaround time possible. World wide service, 5 working days for standard tests and 7 - 10 for complete tests. 


SWEP is dedicated to providing support to you, in order to gain the most out of our services. This includes assistance with recommendations and appropriate treatment programs, education outlining the science and expertise behind our services, and opportunities to advance your agronomy skills from a 'ground up' approach, through seminars held by Ted Mikhail. Our vision is to educate agricultural producers around the world to better understand all aspects of the soil system.


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